A Summary of Conexor's Business Concept

has the Business Concept to initiate, develop, co-ordinate, support in finding financing, and manage different project activities in the area of Environmental Protection. The projects often also include information technology where Internet based functions form one of the corner stones. Legislative questions and organizational matters are often also included in the projects.

 is currently geographically focusing mainly on Southeast Asia and the Baltic states.

 is convinced that it takes much more than just technical systems and monitoring equipment to succeed in better Environmental Protection in rapidly developing countries. Conexor is therefore focusing on linking together various activities in the same project enabling a chain starting with the needs and commitments and finishing with understanding and actions.

 does not believe that it is possible to find all the competence and experience to accomplish a complex project addressing all these various issues within the same organization. Neither will it be optimized to use one type of monitoring equipment or information technology. Conexor is therefore trying to utilize technical equipment and experts from various companies and areas of competence respectively. Experts from public sector, companies delivering measurement equipment, technical consultants, system suppliers, as well as people with experience from organizational and legislative development are participating in different tasks in the projects.

 knows that it is complicated to develop and accomplish project with this broad approach. However, by using this broad approach it has been possible to achieve the relatively good results in projects managed by Conexor.

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